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We produce only two salamis at Tempus, both of which are stuffed and hand-tied in natural casings. We ferment them for 48hrs, which allows the natural moulds to colonise our salami and the flavour and colour to develop. They are then aged in our purpose built ageing room before they are sent out.

 Achari Spiced Salami

 The spice mix for this salami is based on an Indian recipe for pickling going back hundreds of years.  This is combined with traditional methods for fermenting, and ageing which come together to create a genuinely unique, contemporary product. A delicate blend including fennel seed, Talicherry black pepper, and fenugreek give this salami a complex yet subtle flavour.

Sliced 75g Packet

Whole 460g Piece

 House Salami

 This is the simplest version of our entire product range and one, which highlights beautifully the flavour of our pigs. This salami is flavoured solely with black pepper, is fermented for 2-3 days and then aged for 2-3 months.  It is made very much in the French style of a saucisson sec while displaying our unique touch.

Sliced 75g packet

Whole 200g piece  


We are delighted to be working with Andreas Of Chelsea Green as an online partner as he stands for everything we do. An unwavering almost obsessive quest for quality and an clear understanding of what his customers require. We very much look forward to a long working relationship - Dhruv Baker

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