Pasteurized Cow's Milk  

Closely related to the Epoisses, the Chablis is another gem from Burgundy, where generous amounts of rain and warm summers allow for some fantastic wines and cheeses. The method of production is very close to that of Epoisses (although our Epoisses is made from raw milk), and the Chablis is also kept in a wooden box to maintain its shape. But the Chablis is washed with the eponymous white wine rather than the Marc de Bourgone (a strong pomace brandy), giving the cheese a sweeter, gentler punch, although its aroma is just as strong. As the cheese matures, the wine seep into the heart of the cheese, keeping it moist and giving it rich, lightly fruity flavours. The rind also turns a deeper shade of orange, and the cheese beneath, the colour of ivory, becomes creamier, with a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture. An exceptionally pleasing cheese, it is both delicate and full-flavoured. Stunning.

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