Fourme D’ambert


Pasteurized Cow's Milk 

One of France’s oldest cheeses, going back to Roman times, the Fourme is also one of the most popular. Labelled an AOP in the 1970s, it is a creamy and delicate blue cheese that will please connoisseurs and beginners alike. Made from pasteurised milk, it is inoculated with penicilium roqueforti and then moulded into tall, cylindrical shapes. The cheese is then pierced with needles, so the blue green mould can develop in contact with air. Beautifully presented in a circle or semi-circle, it is easy to portion as the rich, creamy texture does not crumble like blue cheeses often do. Its flavours are remarkably balanced, with the buttery smoothness of the cow’s milk contrasting with the sharper, nuttier blue. Exceptionally versatile, it is equally pleasing on a cheeseboard or in a salad or risotto. Best served with a sweet wine, like a Banyuls or Côteaux du Layons.

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