Petit Camembert Aux Truffle


Unpasteurized Cow's Milk 

Probably the most famous of French cheeses, The Camembert de Normandie originates from the eponymous village where, in the turmoil of the French Revolution, Marie Harel gave shelter to a runaway priest from Meaux, where the famous Brie is produced... In 1880, an engineer, Monsieur Ridel, designed a box to keep the cheese, allowing it to travel easily. This pocket-sized camembert (around 200g) is made from raw milk. Once matured to perfection, with a delicate bloomy rind and a meltingly-soft texture, it is cut in half and a mouth-watering mixture of cream and black truffle is spread on it. The savoury, lactic flavours of the camembert offer a beautiful contrast to the long-lasting, full flavours of the truffle.

A real treat, in a pretty size, it is a fantastic centrepiece on a cheeseboard.


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