Selles-sur-Cher AOP


Another french cheese from our friends at Beillevaire,
It is soft and made from raw goats milk with ashes. This cheese is delivered pre-matured for 5 weeks with a grey natural rind. Hand ladled on to the moulds.

"We, at Beillevaire, are very proud of our partnership with Andreas. He hand-picked our products shortly after we first set foot in London, and he has been a passionate and loyal ambassador of our brand ever since. Andreas and his Team have a real passion for great produce and they, like us, understand the amount of work and dedication that is needed to bring our customers the best products available. Andreas has selected our homemade churned raw butter and raw cream, our homemade yoghurts and some outstanding artisan and farmhouse cheeses for his customer, and we are looking forward to many more years of supplying him!”

Fabrice Beillevaire


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