Wiltshire Black Winter Truffles



We are delighted to have the blessing of Zac to be the only shop to stock his fine Wiltshire Black Truffles in Winter but also the fantastic Australian  Winter Truffles for our summer. 

“Andreas is the best grocer in town with the finest produce available anywhere in the UK and super friendly service. We can’t think of anyone more suitable to exclusively stock our wonderful Wiltshire truffles and supply them to the discerning food lovers of London and beyond ”

- Zak Frost Owner, Wiltshire Truffles

£800 per Kilo

(£8 per gram)

For up to 4 people    Minimum  20 grams
For up to 8 people    Minimum  40 grams
For up to 12 people   Minimum  60 grams


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