I Sapori di Corbara Tomato Purée


We are very pleased to introduce another astonishing product from our friends at I Sapori di Corbara.

Most likely, the finest tomato purée in the world; Concentrato di Pomodorino Corbarino is made from almost 100% Corbari tomatoes with just a tiny dash of sea salt.

 The tomato itself is a breed of cherry tomato grown in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvious. The sea mist that creeps up the volcano naturally waters the plants with sea salt water meaning theres no need for manmade irrigation. After being handpicked and sorted through these unique tomatoes are ready to be hand jarred or made in to passata or purée.

 We offer two extraordinary tomato purees;

 -Red Tomato Purée made from Corbarino Tomatoes

-Yellow Tomato Purée made from Pizzo Tomatoes

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