Pastifico dei Campi Fusilli Corti I.G.P


Fusilli Corti Col Buco di Gragnano I.G.P

The Luxury sister brand of the famous Pastifico di Martino, Pastifico dei Campi is quite simply the best pasta in the world. 

Using only the highest quality Local, Durham Semolina Flour and Natural Spring Water from the Lattari Mountains.

Sculpted in the traditional Graganese way on bronze plates, the Bronze gives the pasta a rough texture. Rough is the only texture a real piece of pasta should have, it is more porous meaning it absorbs your chosen sauce and really becomes one with the sauce. 

Slow dried at low temperatures and then hand packed to protect the finished product from any damages heat and machines could cause. 

A long delicate process but you cannot rush perfection. 

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