Amelia Rope Chocolate


Amelia Rope’s sophisticated chocolate bars are created with only fairly traded, high quality ingredients and every product is also gluten free.
Amelia, also being a qualified aromatherapist uses food grade, organic, aromatherapy oils as natural flavourings for some chocolates.
Growing up in Essex very near to the Blackwater Estuary Amelia has always used the local Sea Salt for her chocolates, Maldon Sea Salt.

We stock 10 of Amelias Incredible Chocolate bars in a variety of Flavours;

Dark Honey Comb and Sea salt
Dark Raspberry (75%)
Dark Ginger (67%)
Dark Lemon (67%)
Dark Mandarin (67%)
Dark Peppermint (67%)
Pale Hazelnut and Sea Salt (39%)
Pale Lime and Sea Salt (39%)
Pale Lemon and Sea Salt (39%)
Pale Rose (39%)

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