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andreas by Campo Lisio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023 Harvest

andreas by Campo Lisio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023 Harvest

The 2022 harvest has dropped 

Made by my friend Dominic in Lecce it is exclusive to us and a truly astonishing oil.
Dominic's land is teeming with life... lizards, worms mixed with rosemary growing out of the ancient trees and not a pesticide in sight.
When I visited and helped with harvest I was overcome with the natural beauty and organic nature of the landscape.

The olives are pressed within hours of picking whole, at an old fashioned frontio leaves and all. Then the oil and water are separated by hand using large sieves, a process called "primofiore".

The outcome is a strong intense oil of which we are immensely proud


A new addition to our fleet; Peperoncino Olive Oil is made with the Chillis that grow organically on the olive groves in Dominic's back garden

When Dominic said to me " The Chillies are getting out of control" 

I told him "stick them in the oil" 
and thats exactly what he did. 

Delicato 2022 HARVEST 
The sister of Primofiore is Delicato an oil which was so private it was enjoyed by Doms friends and family only ,however when he sent me a sample I enjoyed the delicate pure nature of the oil so much it became a must, I nicknamed it “Gods own Oil”.

The Delicato has a slower preparation for a silky smooth flavour.

As a footnote I had a vision of a label containing an ancient olive tree in black and white and during shooting if you notice a star appeared in the crevasse of the tree….Divine intervention ?

“Having spent years tending to the red earth in my olive groves with the most strictly natural agro-ecological methods, having spent time and money to bring one’s precious fruit to harvest, having collected and pressed the millions of bitter olives, it is a very hard thing to let the product go, in order to do so with a light heart, it is necessary to find those who understand the whole process, those who have the experience and taste to discern differences in quality, and value them as highly as the producer. This is respect for the customer.

Andreas is the man who has been entrusted with the Campo Lisio harvests for the last Seven years. No one else in the country, only him. I first met Andreas as a customer, choosing produce for special tables, and I realised his sensitivity and concern for everything in the agricultural chain. We spoke the same language: mistrust of the supermarkets and their tacit support for worldwide agro-mafias and pesticide giants; our mutual concerns for a better world, greater attention to health and ethics etc… We were made to understand each other and the olive oil was the way our friendship was bonded as it were into something very lasting and special.

When Andreas first tasted my oil, he was transported back to the days of his childhood in Cyprus, this proustian ‘recherche’ enabling him to feel what i was doing before understanding it. He immediately sensed the natural quality of the oil, its purity, and was determined from the outset to become my sole vendor in Great Britain. I must say with hindsight, he had vision. I cannot thank him enough for his trust and the care with which he handles Campo Lisio olive oil.”

Dominic Faccini Producer, Campo Lisio

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