Green Globe Artichokes

The Artichoke is a variety of thistle, cultivated as a food. The edible parts of this plant are the flower buds, but only before the flowers have come into bloom.
 Globe Artichokes are very large and known to have been cultivated in Naples around the middle of the 9th Century and are currently available from Italy, Brittany and Spain. £6.00 each

Mammole Purple Artichokes

Italy's favourite artichoke; 

Its purple pigment means it has almost double the antioxidant properties as a green globe artichoke. Discard all tougher, outer leaves and the stalk, tender inner leaves can be used with the heart. 

Grown in Italy . £2.00 each 

Baby Purple Artichokes

Although called "baby" these little purple artichokes are fully mature, they just grow on the shaded parts of the plant. The lack of sun light means they never get as big as the others but it also means you can eat the whole thing as all their leaves are succulent and tender. 

Grown in Italy . £5- 500g (Approximately 15) 

Bunched Purple Artichokes 

A bunch of 5 little, purple, Italian artichokes 


Prepared Purple Artichoke Hearts 

Everyone loves artichokes but not everyone loves cleaning and preparing them.

If you cant stand removing all the excess leaves and stalks or are even just too busy to, this ones for you!

4 hand prepared, large purple artichoke hearts from Italy. 


Sicilian Violet Artichokes 

Delicate and slender purple artichokes 

Grown in Sicily . £2.00 each 

Jerusalem Artichokes

Grown in France

£2.50- 500g

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