Himalayan Pink Rock Salt


Maters & Co

Fine Grade Salt and Course Grade Salt

100% genuine Himalayan Rock Salt is arguably the purest salt on the planet. This Vegan, GMO free, pink salt formed from ancient water beds millions of years ago, which were covered in lava during the formation of the Himalayas.This isolated the salt from the outside world for a long time, protecting it from picking up any impurities, only beneficial minerals from the surrounding rocks formations.

The salt contains over 75 trace minerals, including iron, potassium and magnesium which are all essential for good health. 

It is mined from the depths of the Himalayan caves and stone ground then selected, crushed and washed by hand in Pakistan.

As well as an excellent seasoning for cooking, this salt can also be used to bathe and detoxify. Both fine grade and course grade salts are perfect aids in drawing out any toxins and cleansing the skin in a warm bath, leaving you feeling healthy and revitalised.

Maters & Co pride themselves on the quality of their products and feel that their packaging should reflect this exceptional level of quality. Their jars are branded with 21 ct gold fired on at 580 degrees celsius. 

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