Himalayan Pink Sea Salt


The Purest Salt on Earth 

Ethically sourced, Artisan made and lovingly produced in their own facility that is powered 100% by onsite solar power. 

"HIMALASALT was created 250 million years ago during pristine environmental integrity. Sourced from the remote Himalayas, it is free of impurities unlike table salt and sea salt from today's polluted oceans.

Restoring the natural alkaline balance crucial to wellbeing, its essential minerals are the ones our bodys are made of and precisely the ones we require for wellbeing.

There are different grades of Himalayan Salt. We use only PREMIUM rich hues of rose, pink, orange together with clear diamond like grains, for the perfect balance of flavour and composition. Enjoy"

Produced in a vegan facility that does NOT handle any dairy, wheat, nuts, shellfish or any other allergens. 

100% NON GMO


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