Honeys From Maters & Co


Maters honey is never pasteurised nor fine filtered. 

Unprocessed and free from additives, this helps to preserve all the natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other abundant nutritional elements. 

Comes from sustainable hives and loving beekeepers. 

Only comes from small batch producers with good beekeeping practices. 

Raw Cambridgeshire Spring Honey 

With its light flavour this multi-floral honey is great in baking, smoothies and to sweeten tea.

Raw Cambridgeshire Summer Honey 

An even lighter delicate honey, produced in September.

Rare Pink Thyme Honey 

A light & beautifully tasting herb honey from Spain, with a unique subtle hints of pink thyme 

Raw Oak Honey 

A robust rich caramel honey from the acorns of the Spanish oak trees. 

Raw Pure Lavender Honey

A delicate yet powerful taste of freshly picked lavender.

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