Mammaflora Sauces From The Amalfi Coast



"We want to bring back food as it was, simple and natural"

Inspired by their Mother and Grandmother, Maria and her sisters quit their corporate office jobs to Pursue their true passion; Italian Food!

The Girls work closely with a small scale tomato grower to insure all their products are made with only the best quality ingredients from Italy. All ingredients are 100% natural and seasonal which is why the sauces are limited edition.

Red Tomato Sauce

Ingredients; Italian Tomatoes (90%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Onion (3%), Basil (1%), Sea Salt. 

Yellow Tomato Sauce

Italian Yellow Tomatoes (86%), Tuna (7%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Grated Lemon Zest (0.5%), Garlic.


ALL ingredients are from the South of Italy.

Handmade on the Amalfi Coast, Naples.  


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