Moro Blood Oranges


We have been fortunate enough to have had the same supplier most of our blood oranges for the last 20 years and every Monday morning in the season as regular as clockwork “Jazzy” Arrives with a fresh batch of our favourite Moro variety from Giuseppe our man in Sicily.


 These stunners have a much higher natural sugar content so are much sweeter than other varieties and I guess the truth of the test of time has been the best advertisement for Giuseppe and “Jazzy”

They are beautiful as a fruit or a simple Juice however I have chosen a sorbet as a recipe (it just topped jelly) which I first encountered when supplying the Anglesea Arms in W12 which was then in the charge of an eccentric madman of a chef called Dan Evans who although a brilliant talent wore me and many suppliers out.


Blood Orange Sorbet

You will need;

2 blood orange per person

I teaspoon of sugar per orange

Small bunch of cocktail mint

Take the top off your oranges hollow out your blood oranges and save the hollowed out carcass

Juice your blood orange segments.

Put your sugar and half of the juice into the pan and heat until the sugar has dissolved.

Add the rest of your juice and strain

Place in fridge until chilled

Churn for 20 to 30 minutes in an Ice Cream maker

Place sorbet in the hollow blood orange Carcass

Place mint tip on top as a garnish

Serve immediately


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