Organic Argan Oil


Arganic argan oil is an organic, incredibly versatile antioxidant rich ingredient with so many uses you could write a book on it; 

Culinary uses include anything as long as you keep it simple, its Vitamin E content is three times higher than that of an olive oil, it has also been proven to aid digestion and maintain a healthy heart. 

 *Drizzle on healthy grains and cereals, desserts or porridge Or even cook with roasted veggies, pasta or risotto.*

Cosmetic uses are very popular with argan oil due to its remarkable cell repairing properties and moisturising abilities.

*Use as a weekly hair mask to soften and give shine, treats skin conditions such as Eczema, soothe sun burn, body moisturiser, shaving cream.... the list is endless*

From a small village in Morocco, the production of the oil provides jobs for over 600 Berber women and also helps to nourish and preserve the UNESCO protected Argania Spinosa trees, a species exclusive to Morocco that is as old as the dinosaurs.




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