Whole Cuts by Tempus Charcuterie


At Tempus we have a very simple philosophy: in order to make great charcuterie, you have to start with great pigs. 

Tom Whitaker and Dhruv Baker spent a number of years curing a range of British heritage breeds to make their charcuterie and from that, selected the Large Black as their pig of choice.  The pork from the Large Black has a wonderful depth of flavour and the optimal ratio of lean to fat to create exceptional charcuterie.

 King Peter Ham

This is a recipe that Tom developed in memory of his late father, Peter, who adored air-dried hams of all styles. Tom has taken elements from many of these hams to create a genuinely unique product that shows off the attributes of the pork while enhancing it with a blend of black pepper, juniper and gentle chestnut wood smoke. Sweet and nutty with a hint of smoke, resulting in an incredible depth of flavour.

Air Dried Beef

A Dried Beef Like No Other. 

At Tempus we know old is good – whether it is the 15-year old dairy cows we use for our cured beef or the ex-breeding sows for our hams, we treat every animal with reverence.

 Spiced Loin

We butcher our loins in a slightly different way than some and leave a generous fat cap on – a genuine embodiment of ‘fat means flavour’.  As a more delicate cut of pork, the spices selected are less robust than for some of the other products. We use a mixture including mace, star anise and black pepper. The fat adds a buttery texture and profile that stays with you and develops with each additional slice.

Jowl (Guanciale)

 This is for real charcuterie lovers and purists: guanciale is the jowl with the cheek muscle removed, which is cured and spiced with fennel and coriander seed before being smoked and then aged.  Traditionally the product used in carbonara, we feel this is a product that needs to be on any charcuterie platter as it delivers the greatest amount of pork flavour.

Spiced Coppa

 The coppa, or pork collar, is a cut synonymous with charcuterie the world over. Characterised by its golden ratio of lean muscle to fat (around 70:30) it has a deep, rich flavour and a wonderful texture. We add to this incredible cut a delicate blend of carefully sourced whole spices that we grind and blend in-house, including cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. 

Smoked Coppa

 As with the spiced coppa, we feel this cut needs little added as it is already so good, but a hint of smoke alongside the natural sweetness gives us a truly great product. Cured and aged in the same way as the spiced coppa, we have replaced the spice with smoke, giving a completely different product and flavour profile.

 75g packets


We are delighted to be working with Andreas Of Chelsea Green as an online partner as he stands for everything we do. An unwavering almost obsessive quest for quality and an clear understanding of what his customers require. We very much look forward to a long working relationship - Dhruv Baker



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